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Hello , everybody!

today I want to share with you my top 10 Couples in naruto…

10. ChouKarui.

ChouKarui Naruto Couple

I’m not even kidding. Pairing them was one of the most bizarre choices Kishi Senpai made. But it still has some certain ‘spark’ in it and that’s what made it to my Top 10 list.

9. SasuSaku.

Calm down , everyone. There are so many better couples in Naruto than SasuSaku. A High Class Medical Nin and a Rogue Nin. If we look at this from an anime point of view it was destined from the beginning so it’s okay. But if we look at it from another point of view then damnn a Doctor and a jerk ? She should prescribe him some chill pills.
(disclaimer: They’re Great in boruto)

8. HayaYuu.

HayaYuu Naruto Couple

This couple was often overlooked in the series. But for me it rules. If Hayate wasn’t killed by that half face freak. This would’ve been on my Top 3. The problem was that it lacked specific content. The rest was all awesome.

7. RockTen.

RockTen Naruto Couple

It was a surprise. Believe me , almost no one had ever thought this would become canon and even result into Metal Lee. Everyone thought that NejiTen was canon. Well , all thanks to Obito for scattering our beautiful dreams away. Yes , thank you so much.

6. MinaKushi.

Konoha’s Red Hot-Blooded Habanero and Yellow Flash. Although another couple destined but not a bit like SasuSaku. SasuSaku annoyed the hell outta us and MinaKushi made us cry. MinaKushi was so good I wish we could see them both more.

5. YahiKonan.

This hasn’t been promoted to a Canon Couple at various places. But I strongly believe it was canon. It’s almost the same with every couple Canon or not. They all lack content. A lot of content. It would’ve been easy to choose between NagaKonan and YahiKonan is there was more of it.

Y u du diz Kishi mahn. ;_;

4. SaiIno.

How does Sai resemble Sasuke ??

Anyway. Let’s get to the point. I love SaiIno because Sai is funny and Ino is pretty. They make such a good pair.

3. DanTsuna.

this is really good and heart worming couple if you think about it..

2. NaruHina.

one of my favorite couples in whole series NaruHina <3

1. ShikaTema.


and finally my Favorite Couple in Series shikamaru and Temari, shikamaru is lazy genius and temari is beautiful kunoichi with lot of strength, and this two together are very cute couple…

This list is based on my opinions, I hope you liked it, feel free to request more lists.

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