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Facts Check: Three Great Dōjutsu – Explained

Facts Check: Three Great Dōjutsu – Explained
  1. Sharingan  is One of three Great Dojutsus first user of sharingan was hagoromo in anime and indra in manga, It has 2 Abilities First is “Eye of Insight” – User of Sharingan Can see the chakra of an opponent and define it with color, it can see chakra as an aura, but sharingan can’t detect chakra if something solid is blocking the way, sharingan also can see chakra flow of the person and detect if the flow is disrupted by Genjutsu, meaning sharingan can detect if person is being manipulated or being affected by Normal Genjutsu which affects Chakra flow. sharingan also has great perception  ability, even at early stages of a development, user of this dojutsu can see even light-speed movements as demonstrated when Uchiha Sasuke could see Haku of the mist in his Jutsu – Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals which gives user ability to move with speed of light, but even if sharingan user can see the oponent if his body is not adapted or trained to speed, they can’t react to enemies attacks, this ability of perception is also useful in many ways, It can read lips, predict others movements by muscle movements and act before they do something, dodge or interrupt them, When sharingan is Fully developed and user can use it in full extent it gives person ability to get into enemies mind and see their memories. With perception of This caliber, user of sharingan is able to copy any jutsu what they see, Taijutsu, Genjutsu or ninjutsu, but in order to use them, user of sharingan must have prerequisite abilities, for example if sharingan user will copy Water style jutsu, they need to have water Nature Transformations too in order to use the jutsu, same goes to any other jutsu if they will see kekkei genkai jutsu like combinations of 2 elements, they can’t use the jutsu if they themselves does not acquire kekkei genkai  first, also if sharingan user will copy half of the jutsu they can improvise and create own technique based on jutsu they tried to copy. Second Ability of Sharingan is “Eye of Hypnotism” – with it User of Sharingan can use Ocular Genjutsu Called Sharingan: Genjutsu it has many uses, Some experienced Uhciha Can use this Genjutsu To Manipulate others for interrogation or in some cases Totally Control them, some uchiha members where able to even control Tailed Beasts With this Jutsu, but if user of genjutsu is not concentrated enough, victim can break out from the genjutsu. Everything Combined, Users of sharingan sometimes seem like they can see the future, if for example they will see heandseals and repeat them with sharingan perception they can predict next hand seal and use the jutsu before the original caster if they use genjutsu as well it would seem like they really saw the future. Evolution – Sharingan Can Evolve to Mangekyou Sharingan with Strong Emotional Trauma, This increases All the powers of Sharingan Especially Genjutsu, if Sharingan: Genjutsu using Normal sharingan, Needs eye contact, from user and victim to cross, when using Mangekyou Sharingan User can Cast genjutsu Before The victim Looks into the eyes of Genjutsu user and also enables him to send way more chakra and as a result use way more powerful Genjutsu. Using Mangekyou Sharingan frequently Stresses eyes too much which results blindness in long run, but if sharingan user will find compatible sharingan with him, and transplants them into their eye socket than they will open new Evolution of the dojutsu eternal mangekyou sharingan, which is even stronger than normal mangekyou and can be spamed without it causing blindness.
  2. Byakugan is Better Visual asset than Sharingan, it gives user ability to see nearly 360 degree around, also has xray vision can detect chakra even if something solid is blocking the way and not only chakra, but it can see any object for certain distances, Hinata Hyuga was able to see as far as 20 kilometers ahead, it can detect and pinpoint genjutsu and it’s caster, it can see through smokescreens, it’s mentioned that sharingan and rinnegan can’t see through smokescreens, but Itachi uchiha mentioned that The smokescreen – hidden mist jutsu was not preventing him to use sharingan, powerful users of byakugan like of kaguya where able to see the memories and emotions of people with byakugan and momoshiki even could see the future of people using his byakugan. it’s mentioned that byakugan is also able to increase Genjutsu’s range and it can also speed up, strengthen and increase range of certain jutsus like Mind Transfer Jutsu. Byakugan is only know Dojutsu Besides Jougan That can see chakra points and chakra pathway system, which is why Hyuga Clan is specialized in Special Jutsu – Juuken (Gentle Fist) With it they can block or over activate chakra points, that results not only chakra disturbance which makes victims unable to use chakra, but also it causes internal organ damages which can’t be trained. this dojutsu is also able to emit enormous chakra pulses to subdue/paralyze an opponent. Evolution – Byakugan Can be evolved into Tenseigan if Hamuras 2 descendants will Merge Chakra and Dojutsu, When Toneri Transplanted Hanabi’s byakugan it resulted Tenseigan to awaken into his eyes, This Dojutsu Allows User to use 10 Tails Chakra Cloak Alike Mode Called tenseigan Chakra mode and access to Gudodamas – truth seeking orbs which can be only be affected with sage chakra, it also granting user with power to fly and giving him ability to use attractive and repulsive forces like Rinnegans Deva path, which is powerful enough to move the moon, also it’s’ mentioned that it’s power can create planet anew, if it will be destroyed.
  3. Rinnegan is arguably the strongest dojutsu from 3,  Starting from hagoromo it’s been shown to have 7 paths, each has different abilities, 1. Animal Path is able to summon Creatures without hand seals or blood sacrifice and even humans with hand seals, it’s shown that animals that are summoned are immortal, that could mean that either they themselves are immortal or rinnegan user is reviving them after they die.  2. Asura Path is giving user ability to transform their body into the mechanical weapon growing new hands maximum of 6 and additional 2 face, they body will contain different types of weaponry ballistic or energy blasts, it’s versatile in many way. 3. Deva Path is granting user ability to manipulate attractive and repulsive forces, it depends how much chakra user is able to use, this ability can be very dangerous, in hands of hagoromo he created jutsu Called six path chibaku tensei with it he and his brother created the moon to seal 10 tails. 4. Human Path gives user ability to manipulate souls of a target by touching the victim user can extract soul from their body they can get all the information from them doing so but it kills the victim. 5. Naraka Path gives rinnegan user ability to control King of Hell, Which can be used for interrogation or reviving the dead puppets. 6. Preta Path allows user to absorb all ninjutsu including sage chakra, if user is not experienced with sage chakra control, they can suffer from drawbacks of sage training, which can result them to transform into statue. 7. Outer Path gives user ability to revive the dead either Reviving ones they killed themselves for not long ago sacrificing big amount of chakra or reviving person who died long time ago by other than them sacrificing life, also this path gives user ability to manifest black chakra receivers with it user can manipulate dead or victim by implanting the receivers into their bodies, releasing chakra into receivers, but the longer the distance the weaker the signal becomes. Now that paths are explained there are few versions of rinnegan, first is normal Rinnegan which Nagato is shown to have who has all 7 path and has mastery on a level that he created few techniques such as shinra tensei and bansho tenin, next is uchiha madara who was originally owner of nagatos rinnegan, he has Special rinnegan power besides Paths and that is limbo, he can create invisible shadows of himself they have same strength as him, sasuke uchiha got rinnegan from hagoromo otsotsuki, he has rinnegan with 6 tomoe that gives him ability to use sharingan techniques with his rinnegan activated and also has special power of teleportation, later is shown that he learns how to use space time ninjutsu which allows him to travel in different dimensions, momoshiki has rinnegan on  palms of his hands with one he can absorb any ninjutsu including senjutsu attacks, and with other hand he can multiply the jutsu and throw it back at attacker. when absorbing kinshikis power he also opens 3rd eye rinnegan which is not demonstrated too do anything, in anime there is shown ureshiki to have rinnegan as well with 6 tomoe only power he shown was teleportation to different dimension. Not momoshikim ureshiki or kaguya is shown to use rinnegan paths, this could mean that the paths of rinnegan comes from haggoromo otsotsuki and is acquired by his descendants.

Rinne Sharingan – Is Combination of 2 Great Dojutsu, Rinnegan and Sharingan, this dojutsu is Originator of both acquired by Kaguya Otsotsuki, Meaning it has Powers of sharingan – Genjutsu, seeing chakra, predicting opponents movements,techniques and also power of Rinnegan – Space-time Ninjutsu, but it’s never being shown that it has power of paths , kaguya once absorbed amaterasu, but later it was cleared, that because she was originator of earths chakra, ninjutsu does not affect her, while kagguya has powers of 3 dojutsu, she does not have evolutions versions of them, she has byakugan but not tenseigan, she has rinne sharingan (power of sharingan) but not manggekyou sharingan powers


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