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Many people were arguing about this fight, so i decided to make it clear which one is stronger between these 2.

everyone knows that ay poses one of the most strongest lightning release, stronger than killer b, but thats not the point. l

as we can see killer b was strong enough in his base form to go against  ay (even in his chakra mode). if we are talking about raw strength i’d choose B cuz of this feat and bijus overwhealming power.

This fight was pretty insane against team Taka. i thought sasuke could catch him but B was just playing. he almost killed sasuke 3 times and tryed to destroy whole Taka with only 1 bijudama.  I think in this battle kenjutsu is usseles cuz of raikages speed and high defence.


i think Ay cant defeat hachibi 1 vs 1 ,  only one thing that he can escape from tailed beasts bomb is speed  but thats not the only thing. with chakra cloac killer B could swim inside water faster than kisame(in his form with samehada). speed and more destructive power , better defence, regeneration, bijudama and some knowledge in fuinjutsu. also as we know jinchuriki is stronger than tailed beast.

  • after battle with sasuke raikage had some problems, he lost his arm and without gaara  he would be half dead now.

i think killer B has big adventage in this battle, maybe thats Ays fault , he always thought that he was stronger , but B was only one (in the village) who had potential to beat him.


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