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Juudara VS Akatsuki

Juudara VS Akatsuki

Today I wanna talk about The fight – juudara vs akatsuki ( tobi-obito, deidara, kisame, sasori, itachi , nagato , konan, hidan, kakuzu, orochimaru  and zetsu).  First of all , everyone can use their full strength and power (techniques).

First That’s Clear One misconception why Madara seems stronger than he actually was in his life, he never had hashirama’s dna of that level(his full face) in his entire life before.

Because of madara’s personality he will try to fight and not finish the business as fast as possible as always because of that all the strategies written here will work, even if he will get scared and tries to cast infinite tsukuyomi obito and black zetsu have knowledge of the jutsu and obito can transport them into kamui’s dimension or yata mirror will block the light as written that it can reflect any attack from material or astral body. Image result for madara hashirama cells
he was able to use rinegan and had reactions speed of that level, just because kabuto experimented on his body and implanted lots of hashirama’s dna (he was way stronger in edo tesnei than he ever been in his entire life)
second, when he was revived he became even stronger, because edo tensei dulls your senses. if he did not absorbed kuramas[1]

chakra, hashiramas sage mode before that [2], he would be defeated. only way why he could dodge tobiramas kunai was hashiramas senjutsu (tobirama did not used raijin at that time because madara had no mark on his body without mark you can’t teleport behind him, meaning tobirama had to run towards him and madara had enough time to sense and dodge his attack). I’m trying to say that , it wasn’t something Special that, akatsuki members can’t do. many of them could just dodge it.

fighting against alliance was not big dial at all…. Sasuke after Training With orochimaru , Could Defeat 1000 shinobi with taijutsu , also minato defeated 1000 jounins in seconds, none of which are even close to orochimaru in power (I think we all know that sasuke is not close and minato had respect of orochimaru because he knew about his power minato was 4th hokage instead of orochimaru just because of his personality over him)… madara fought to 4th division which is long-range part of the shinobi forces, which is way easier to defeat in close combat but madara defeated maximum of 100-200 with only taijutsu or kinjutsu (meaninng that is a good feet, but nothing too impressive) for example if sasuke could defeat 1000 shinobi at once, that does not automatically mean that he could go against all akatsuki at once even for a little. kisames water style is at least equal to madaras fire style meaning even if they perform same level of each jutsu, kisame would overpower his fire style, because water is stronger than fire. any 2 people in akatsuki is factually able to handle any jinchuriki 1-8 however kurama is different and even than we could safely assume that 2 man team would be at least equal to him or we can add 3rd akatsuki member which would already be enough,(nagato himself said that he should just increase the size of the chibaku tesnei in order to seal kurama away, while he was fighting all the time when arrived in konoha so he was not in his peak) . People are trying to buff madara only because he could defeat 9 biju with gedou mazo but,  even deidara could just knocked out isobu inside water . also  madara isn’t type of fighter who prefers ocular Genjutsu fight, or fight with ninjutsu and some strategies. he is just tank with Big amount of chakra and massive physical strength/Regeneration.

that’s be clear, hidan could dodge any shadow paralysis even when free falling only time when he got caught, is when shikamaru outsmarted him and madara is nowhere near shikamaru in intelligent, but itachi is arguably smarter than shikamaru.
sharingan genjutsu does not work on deidara he was able to see sasukes sharingan: genjutsu that’s why he prepared clay clone and caught him in mini c4, second – anyone who has chakra control equal or better than tsunade like konan or most of the akatsuki, genjutsu would not work also if your nerve transmission speed is very fast like raikage or any akatsuki member, genjutsu would not work however if you exhaust chakra, like konan did when fighting obito, you will lost your chakra control and than it will be possible to put her under genjutsu, also if you got caught off guard even if your nerve transmission speeds are fast, genjutsu would work. raikage could not dodge genjutsu just because he was exhaust at that moment, akatsuki are not types of people who are trying to spar with opponent, but to win as fast as possible. Itachi’s finger genjutsu is nothing compared of the level of powers we are talking about, it’s in same league as Madaras normal sharingan genjutsu but it’s still beatable, it would not work on anyone who has akatuki or kage level chakra control or NTS , but that’s not the point because madara can’t use genjutsu while he is using rinegan. as we saw he need to turn rinegan into mangekyo to use genjutsu, however he cant do that stuff after he gained power of 10 tails because when revived he transplanted nagato’s active rinnegan which he can’t turn back to sharingan. every abillity of mangekyo he has now is usseles (except susanoo). juudara only can use rinegan paths, sasuke can use susanoo and genjutsu with rinegan, but that’s because his rinegan got tomoes, which gaves him mangekyo and rinegan abilities together.

now that’s use itachi’s fighting style (edo version). from edo tensei his senses and physical strength was dull. that’s use itachis whole potential. Tsukuyomi, kotoamatsukami, izanami and susano with yata mirror and totsuka blade.

when itachi uses tsukuyomi it happens in an instant to be precise it happens in 0.0000000001 seconds, if madara is not scared to look in itachis eyes the jutsu would be casted, (btw in that 0.0000000001 second the jutsu also is done working and in that time enemy could see like 70 years of anything caster wants them to see, for example torturing. even if the genjutsu is peaceful opponent would die with it, if it’s torturing that’s worse) Like I mentioned The tsukuyomi is done in instant you can’t do anything if you got caught (but if you got caught). “sasuke defeats the mangakyou sharingan” not full potential of tsukuyomi (for example at that time itachi did not manipulated time he just changed environment and outcome) that’s almost the same as sharingan: genjutsu as we all know. itachi did not wanted sasuke to die why would he killed him, using tsukuyomi or even put him under coma, the only reason why he did that was to weaken him and get ride of the orochimaru’s curse mark) like I mentioned tsukuyomi can manipulate time meaning in 0.000000001 second itachi can show opponent 70 years of anything and that’s gonna kill anyone. madara would break any sharingan genjutsu (normal level), full level of tsukuomi, kotoamatsukami or izanami will work anyways. if someone says rinegan has power to brake genjutsu… thats just absurd, Nobody ever mentioned that rinegan could do that. it just can analyze genjutsu faster(because of increased Perception) and change Genjutsu environment easily, but none of them can analyze 70 year information in 0.0000000001 seconds. his brain will just explode , like izumi’s did.(I’d argue that madara would look at itachi’s eyes even when he knows about genjustu because he is arrogant and he would think that there’s no other uchiha who could be better than him at using sharingan) and yes finger genjutsu is just another normal genjutsu that would not work on sakura not on karin and not on kabuto because of their chakra control, but itachi’s tsukuyomi, izanami or shisuis kotoamatsukami will work because all of them are special genjutsu types…

to cast izanami you need to record 2 same feeling, like 2 fireball and that”s all, itachi recorded more for kabuto, that way he was able to change and get out from there way faster, so this means even if madara knew about izanami, if itachi used fireball justu or any other heat related jutsu on him in fight 2 times, why would madara think that it’s for izanami and itachi could activated it, that’s all and plus itachi is smarter than anyone in that fight, so to do that would not be a problem. “kirin is way stonger than madaras sword” and sasuke had 2 swords that could do almost the same thing as madara did, but he could not damage kurama that much but when sasuke used kirin it stunned kurama. (naruto in kurama sage mode) but itachi survived that. again itachi is very smart and has better chakra control than tsunade thgis proves the fact that itachi could use chakra enchanted strength  when he was 7, so he would use yata and totsuka when absolutely necessary in a best way to benefit the fight.

and there is also kotoamatsukami (if we want to take itachi’s full arsenal that is shown). Kotoamatsukami is also special genjutsu which will work on anything that has mind, bypassing any dojutsu, because it does not even need eye contact, so kotoamatsukami gives user ability to see opponents mind and implant false memories, anything they want without opponent realizing that he is under control for example kotoamatsukami can make you believe that your opponent is your childhood friend and you will help your enemy until you die. because when memories are implanted those became your own memories. imagine your best fried right, if he used kotoamatsukami like yesterday he could never been with you before that but you think that all the memories you share are reality that really happened. BTW Akatsuki has obito everybody has knowledge of each-other jutsu , they have zetsu who posses every kind of information about madara ,so everytime something like c0 happens obito could save every single member and than transport them back. (if it’s a teamfight ofc and not one by one .

also they have orochimaru. after revived from kabutos flesh and absorbed his chakra, orochimaru gained all his abillitys and information also when he got white zetsu’s body and hands he got the power to use sage mode and also returned all the jutsu he had lost. he got better senjutsu (dragon sage mode) which is strongest sage mode and also pretty effective against juudara. he can summon everyone who kabuto revived in 4th shinobi war(stronger than their entire life).  he also posses wood kekkei genkai , after zetsus body he can use it better than madara could, because he is sage unlike madara. when using this senjutsu technique , only orochimaru and kabuto can move. also their senses are just useless (all of em).

Nagato with his deva path powers (shinra/banshou) is also good defense. if someone dies he can use rinnei tensei’s version which only requires chakra and does not need life to be sacrificed that’s better than just regeneration. itachi , nagato and orochimaru don’t need this, but it would be helpful for others.

I’ll just say one simple combination – Madara on the left akatsuki on the right, kakuzu hidan and kisame start the attack,  obito takes itachi with kamui behind of madara as his distracted and Itachi emerging  from kamui  just seals away Madara with totsuka blade, or uses tsukuyomi and than seals him while stunned if not dead.

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