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Orochimaru – Powerscaling – Part 1

Orochimaru – Powerscaling – Part 1
  1. Orochimaru TV1, Before Fighting Hiruzen Sarutobi – orochimaru is one of the legendary sanin, at this point in show he is the strongest sanin, he is kage level  shinobi, he was about to became 4th hokage, but hiruzen chose minato instead, even minato respected Orochimaru and was thinking about him as a superior after some time he left the village and became even more powerful, it’s clearly shown that kakashi was even scared of orochimaru, now all being said he is way stronger than most people think he was, because he learned few forbidden jutsu that made him nearly invincible, he can’t die anymore he became immortal, but he still can be defeated with sealing jutsus, hiruzen sarutobi is said to be strongest kage at his time, meaning orochimaru being equal or superior to hiruzen in tv1, we can safely say that orochimaru is at same level as any kage besides hashirama and naruto, Do not forget that he has all this power, before he fought to hiruzen, now he also has edo tensei which allows him to summon somewhat nerfed, deceased people in this world and he has big arsenal of very strong shinobi, he is also able to mold and use sage chakra, he can put his sage chakra into his curse seals, which acts like peaces of his Consciousness, if not sealed he can observe from course seals and gather information, also if host of the curse seal is weak he can use the body of victim and revive himself, he has all chakra types plus yin and yang release even at this time, and unique ability to absorb chakra, his chakra absorption is little different than normal type, because as shown when he absorbed chakra from kabuto, by absorbing other people’s chakra he can also absorb their knowledge which is very rare ability.
  2. Orochimaru in Shippuden, Before sasuke ‘killed’ him – after loosing his arms, his powers where almost nullified, but he was still in same league as other sanin, he was able to go toe-to-toe with 4 tailed Form of Naruto and we can assume, him to be at the same level as low tier kage like 4th kazekage which kimimaru defeated and with that kimimaru is also low tier kage level.
  3. Orochimaru in Shippuden, After reviving 4 Hokage – sasuke revived orochimaru with Kabuto’s flesh because of it orochimaru gained all ability that kabuto had those are, Kimimaru’s, jirobos, sakon and ukons, kidomarus, suigetus, jugos kekeigenkais, tayuya’s genjutsu and karin’s healing abilities, which even without hands puts him higher than he ever been, meaning he is in same league (even without hands) as hashirama and other high tier kages, besides naruto of curse, after that he gone to kabuto and absorbed his own sage chakra back from him, doing so, he also gained all experience kabuto had in those times, after getting his hands back he was able to perform edo tensei and he revived past 4 hokages, he transported himself in new body of white zetsu which is clone of hashirama’s body(we should all remember that when orochimaru uses other people as vessels he makes all their abilities his own and even after he changes body all the abilities are still his and can use it forever), this means he did not only double his strength, but also got perfect body to handle any jutsu he wants to perform also, by receiving zetsus body he gained ability to use wood style, Orochimaru knew sage mode in TV1, but he could not use it because he had weak body, he could only use sage chakra, but now after getting the strongest possible body for it, he is able to perform sage mode not only that, but because he has juugos kekeigenkai he can go into sage mode with just a thought, with all those power ups he is ranking somewhere above hashirama and below naruto Level(Naruto level I mean naruto, sasuke and people who equal them)…

    Bonus #1: -Akatsuki wanted Orochimaru dead for the whole series but they failed to succeed.
    Bonus #2: -Orochimaru can use same edo tensei as kabuto used because he has kabuto’s experiences…

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