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End of One Piece whole cake arc

End of One Piece whole cake arc

One Piece Arc whole cake is ending with Episode 877 and it Forwards Plot to reverie arc… In this episode we will get to know katakuri and brule little more, we will see them as kids… big mom finally will catch up to fight where […]

Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us is out now in Blue Ray

Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us is out now in Blue Ray

Ash and Pikachu are ready to take on all challengers! #WatchPokemon Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us is out now on Blu-ray/DVD! — VIZ (@VIZMedia) March 22, 2019 Pokemon is our childhood show, which was always the one show that was back on […]

Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno – Whole Love Story

Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno – Whole Love Story

From the beginning  Sakura had feelings towards Sasuke at first it seemed that sasuke did not care but later in series is shown that Sasuke cared about Sakura, but he never showed that to Sakura because he did not wanted Sakura to be involved in his vengeance path…

Sasuke and sakura after Haku’s Death…

sasuke wakes up after fight with haku, sasuke with sakura

Naruto Episode 19

Sasuke stops Sakura from protesting at Chunin Exam

Naruto Episode  38

Sasuke thanks to sakura before he leaves Konoha…

Naruto Episode 109

Sasuke is impressed when sakura smashed juubi clone…

Naruto Shippuden 337

Sakura and sasuke In one of kaguya’s Dimension

Naruto Shippuden Episode 470

Sasuke shows Sakura Love, in Itachis manner

Naruto Shippuden Episode 479

Sakura and Sasuke in gaiden…

And finally Uchiha family…

here some fan art that I like :

Naruto and Hinata – Whole love Story

Naruto and Hinata – Whole love Story

Naruto and Hinata – Whole love Story Naruto and hinata first meet in snowy day before neji got Hyūga Main Family’s Juinjutsu Curse seal… Hinata’s Confession to naruto that she loves him… – After realizing Naruto was fighting the Akatsuki’s leader, Pain, alone, Hinata attempts to […]

Madara Uchiha vs Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

Madara Uchiha vs Kaguya Ōtsutsuki

First I don’t want to be hated by Madara’s fans so I will say one thing, before starting.. Madara is one of the Strongest and Badass Ninja in shinobi History, but this is power comparison nothing More…We’re Comparing Madara with both rinegan plus Tomoe rinegan […]

Facts Check: Genjutsu

Facts Check: Genjutsu

1. Normal Genjutsu is created when a ninja controls the chakra flow of a target’s cerebral nervous system(CNS), Meaning it can control All 5 senses of The victim, this can be used to show victim your memories or make them experience false pain and other sensations, there are different ways, how genjutsu is applied to victims: 
-Visual Genjutsu is a type of a genjutsu which requires eye contact to be applied, after that’s done user of the genjutsu sends chakra into the “CNS” and can control 5 senses that way, people who poses Dojutsu can do it just with a glance, but people who are just experienced in genjutsu and do not posses dojutsu can cast visual genjutsu using different manners like using genjutsu alongside Nature tramformations. 
-Sound genjutsu uses sound to do the same thing, sends the chakra through sound to victims “CNS” it’s more dangerous because user can use the jutsu from far away. 

How To Break Normal Genjutsu: 
-Just because normal genjutsu uses chakra flow to control opponent, if shinobi is experienced and has good chakra control they can stop their chakra flow momentarily which will cause genjutsu to break, if shinobi has close to perfect chakra control they’re immune to genjutsu. 
-if genjutsu user is very skilled and you can’t break the genjutsu with your own allies can flow their chakra into you which will disrupt chakra flow in your body which will break the genjutsu. 
-phisical pain which is not caused by genjutsu can also break genjutsu
-if shinobis nerve transmission speed is very fast normal genjutsu is not 
-if victim uses his own genjutsu on themselves (or ally uses his genjutsu on victim) firstly placed genjustu will be broken. 
-if victim also has dojutsu like sharingan or byakugan they can resist affects of visual genjutsu. 
-if victim is perfect jinchuriki meaning if jinchuriki is friend with biju, biju can disrupt his chakra flow which will break the genjutsu.

Sharingan: Genjutsu
-Sharingan: genjutsu is Visual genjutsu which is just Normal Visual genjutsu, as sharingan develops Sharingan: Genjutsu is getting strnger as well, also it will compliment the user of sharingan: Genjutsu if they are very skilled in genjutsu if 2 people with same level of sharingan fought, in genjutsu battle, winner would be the one who is more skilled in genjutsu. 
-Mangekyou Sharingan is a stronger version of sharingan which makes Sharingan: genjutsu Even Stronger by enabling user to send more chakra with visual genjutsu and while normal sharingan: genjutsu needs direct eye contact to victim, Mangekyou gives user ability to cast genjutsu, even if victim is not looking directly at users eyes(they’re not crossing the gaze ), but user looking to victims eyes. 
-Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan is next progression of sharingan after 
Mangekyou and Sharingan: genjutsu is also strengthened with it.

Infinite Tsukuyomi – is a normal Visual Genjutsu used with Rinne Sharingan, which is reflected on moon and it puts everybody under genjutsu who sees it’s light, to cast this genjutsu you also need 9 bijus chakra and because this genjutsu is so strong even if you are great at chakra control or have normal dojustu like, byakugan or sharingan you can’t break the genjutsu. zetsus, and people who are brought back with edo tensei are unaffected, also one who can block the light, can be protected from the genjutsu which lasts for approximately 10 minutes.

2. Special Genjutsu – is a type of a genjutsu which does work same way as normal genjutsu some of which does not even need to control “CMS”, Some People who possess Mangekyou Sharingan can awaken special abilities, Itachi uchiha and shisui uchiha are two people who awaken special Genjutsu.
-Tsukuyomi is Special Genjutsu awakened by Itachi Uchiha it can be used to control “CMS” as normal Sharingan: Genjutsu, but it can also manipulate victims time perception to the extent when billionth of a second can lats to 60+ years which causes victim to die (which genjutsu should not be able to do) Normal counters of genjutsu does not apply to this jutsu because how fast it ends, it can even bypass Dojutsus resistance, as itachi mentioned “Tsukuyomi can only be broken by a Sharingan user who shares the same blood with him.” that being sasuke who could break Tsukuyomi, but the version of tsukuyomi itachi used versus sasuke was Normal Version which Controls “CMS”.
-Kotoamatsukami is a Specual Genjutsu awakened by Shisui Uchiha this Jutsu implants false memories into victims mind without them noticing anything after the jutsu is done there is no trace that it being used on victim this genjutsu is known as most powerful genjutsu because nobody can sense that it’s being casted and after it’s done the effect lasts lifetime without any trace. 
-izanagi is special genjutsu which can turn illusion into reality, but the price is loosing the vision forever from the eye it was used with, almost all Genjutsu uses Yin Chakra release, but izanagi uses Yin and Yang Release, when used it can change any event which is disadvantage to user to illusion like nothing happened, it’s the Genjutsu casted upon user itself to change their destiny meaning nothing can counter the jutsu except next special genjutsu, which is…
-Izanami – is Special Genjutsu which was created to save astray people from overusing izanagi, it records sensation of opponent, 2 same sensation is enough to create loop, after the loop is created izanami is casted and victim is trapped in a infinite loop, after jutsu is casted, user of the jutsu will lose the vision from one of their eye, The illusion of the user will continuously tell the victim to take a closer look at them and acknowledge their mistakes until they do so, Izanami is ironically not a genjutsu to be used on an enemy, but a friend who has lost their way as a means of helping them find themselves again if they really acknowledge their mistakes they will find a way out from the jutsu that’s the only way.